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Nadine Somers
Award Winning Country Rock Vocalist
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Everybody Wanna


Yes Ma'm no Ma'm


Fourteen gears


I Swear


Feeling good


Backroad Nation


1,2 Many




Soul Shake




Texas Time – Texas Time


Down on your uppers – Down on your uppers


Hard not to love it – Hard not to love it


My Church – Nenas Church


Blue Night  - Blue Night Cha


What’ll keep me outta Heaven – Heavenly Cha


Never comin down – Never comin down


Loving you makes me a better Man – Better Man


Baby I’m right – Real Deal


Closer – Closer


The Dance – The Dance


Oh me oh my oh – Oh me oh my oh


Love her for a while – Love her for a while


First fool in line – First Fool in line


Why haven’t I heard from you – Champayne Promise


Sangria – Sangria Sun


Most People are good – People are good


Lovin all night – Lovin all night


Ride with me – Ride with me


Old and Grey – Old and Grey


Countryholic – Countryholic


I’ll name the Dogs – I’ll name the Dogs


Missing – Missing


This is me missing you – This is me


There’s not getting over me – There’s no getting over me


Thank you – Thank you


Whiskey under the bridge – Whiskey Bridges


Cowboy Rides away – Cowboy rides away


Drinkin Problem – Drinkin Problem


Gypsy Queen – Gypsy Queen


Out of sight – Out of sight


Here you come again – Here I go/This and that


Honey I’m lost – Honey I’m lost


Codigo – Codigo


Dance her home – Dance her home


Islands in the stream – Islands in the stream


Veil of Tears


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