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Nadine Somers
Multi Award Winning Country Rock Singer
My life so far




  My life on the road started many years ago. Both Rob Childs and I both had good music history behind us and met whilst on contract singing Cajun music nightly in the Sheraton Hotel. Rob encouraged me to sing on the country circuit, which I never regretted.  We needed a third member to make up a trio. That’s when Bob Keeley joined us. And, ‘The Nadine Somers Band’ was formed, and wow do we have great times singing on the Country Music circuit. We take our music serious but we are still a little mad when we get together on stage.


Between the three of us we have received numerous awards. Within a year of us playing together we drove to Grimsby for our first award. My greatest moment was winning ‘Vocalist of the year’ which was presented to me by the late Alvin Stardust at Heathrow.








Sean Kenny asked me to join him on his Album ‘Line Dance Crazy 3’. This was a great experience for me, he's a wonderful man, and many of the songs he produced were turned into famous line dances.


I had the opportunity to go over to France and join‘The Jackson MacKay band’. This was also a life changing experience as we performed all over Europe, I especially loved Billy Bob’s in Paris as this was my first gig away from home. This led us to spending over two years touring with ‘Show-time Country’ with my great friends Guylaine Bourdages and John Permenter, the famous exemplary, Texan fiddle player.





It was a great show and I’m sorry if I’ve missed out any names as there are too many famous acts to mention. You can see the show on Youtube.







It was hard work but someone had to do it!



I now perform solo at certain gigs. And ‘The Nadine Somers Band’ are still busy and in demand on the country circuit, performing at festivals, hotels, and holiday camps and clubs. With my solo act I get to sing with the best musicians and talented singers. (Sorry Rob and Bob, I didn't mean to say you weren't the best, because you are) phew! got out of that one their so temperamental those two).  I must mention my other two buddies that I sing along with, Beauty and the Beats, Steve Cherelle and Lee Hodgson. Steve says he's the beauty and we're the beats. They torment the life out of me as you can see by the photo.






Lately my most precious moments are when I’m on stage with my daughter Skye. To have my first child singing close to me on stage with her amazing confidence and obvious talent, I feel nothing but pride. I love and will cherish every moment. I have to be careful though she’s becoming very popular!




On a more serious note, at the moment I feel privileged to have worked with so many talented artists. And my future is just the beginning.


Nadine x




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